Furvent is a place for mental health support. While we are not trained therapists or psychologists, we would still love to offer you a place to get your thoughts off of your chest. If we have one thing in common, it is that everyone of us had more or less severe experiences that left deep scars in their life. But we created this chat to allow anyone with problems to find someone to talk to. We very much hope you find someone here too 

These rules outline our expectations for participants within the Furvent community, as well as steps to reporting unacceptable behavior. We are committed to providing a welcoming and helpful atmosphere for all and expect our rules to be honored. Anyone who violates this, may be banned from the community.

Code of Conduct

Be friendly and patient. Everyone has their own share of problems, don’t expect others to be a vending machine for your emotional needs.

Be considerate and supportive. Think before you post: It is possible that people with their history are more likely to be triggered, irritated or offended. If you need help, ask an admin.

Be respectful. Not all of us will agree all the time, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior and poor manners. We might all experience some frustration now and then, but we cannot allow that frustration to turn into a personal attack.

Overall Rules

  • Stay on topic. Regular chatter is fine, but the focus should be on helping others overcoming their problems. Excessive sharing of unrelated memes or jokes is not allowed.
  • No spam please (Favor sending one longer message over many short messages)
  • Cursing is permitted, with the exception of slurs or personal attacks on users.
  • Trolling of any kind is not allowed.
  • This is a place for support. Accept that everyone needs a different kind of support and don’t be upset if you can’t help today.
  • Please leave political discussions at the door of this chat room.
  • Please leave drama to the PM’s.
  • If someone asks you to stop an action, please be respectful and stop.
  • Please do not add members to other groups / chats without their permission.
  • If you post content you do not own copyright for, please credit the rightful owner.
  • Blocking of administrators is not allowed

If you are not sure about these rules, ask an admin.

SFWfurvent is a SFW (Safe For Work) chat, that means NO…

  • Suggestive content
  • Nudity or pornography of any kind
  • Extreme violence and gore
  • Fetishistic content
  • No erotic role play
  • Not sure? Ask a moderator


NSFW Chat is over in @nsfwfurvent

Our staff team has full and final say in all actions.

Our admin team is here for you , if you have issues in this chat you can report a user by replying to his message and mentioning one of the admins, or by sending a screenshot and whats going on to our team.